Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Revitalizing an Old Purse

This next project was one I worked on with my sister late one girls' night. She needed a new purse to fit an iPad. I happened to have on hand an old purse with a pen mark down the front. The purse was only $2 at a thrift store and a nice, soft leather. We pulled out some scraps I had left over from other projects and decided on some dark brown tooled vinyl. Here is what we did.

Leather Purse- Note the pen mark in the middle


  • 1 old purse, preferably a good quality leather
  • 1 strip tooled vinyl (approx. 6" x 18" ) or large enough to cut the designs you want 
  • super glue


1. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut the designs you want from the vinyl.

2. Arrange the designs on the purse how you wish.

On our project, we went through several trial designs before my sister decided on one. It isn't the one I would have chosen, but she's content with it and that's the important thing. Here are some of the rejected ideas:

3. Using the super glue, glue the designs in place.

4. And you're done! Simple as that. Total time: 2 hours, Total cost: around $5