Monday, July 1, 2013

Bowl of Cherries Painting

You may file this under the category of lesser posts, I suppose. I have a few random little projects here and there I'll try to post as I get a few minutes over the summer. Today's short inspiration: cherries painting class.

Even a short post requires a little back story (that's the novelist in me, I suppose). We have a dear family friend who was planning to move away. She's been like an aunt to the girls and opened her home to us for every Easter. In honor of her, my husband and I decided to do some paintings for her kitchen.

I picked out a fairly simple painting of a bowl of cherries. Then I decided to invite over a couple of our teenage friends who babysit the girls for a freebie art lesson. They sat on one side of the table and I sat on the other. Can you tell which is mine and which are theirs?
 Bowl of Cherries Class
I think they did a fantastic job. We were able to share some techniques and figure out ways to help each other.
 Bowl of Cherries ClassBowl of Cherries Class
By the way, here is my finished painting.
 Bowl of Cherries Class
And my husband's pastel drawing.
 Bowl of Cherries Class
Although I am normally an introvert, I'm finding that painting with small group of artists is very helpful. And that's my pearl of wisdom for today. 

We presented our painting and drawing to our friend. Thankfully, they fit beautifully in her decor. We hope she is settling in to her new life well, but we sure do miss her here still.

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  1. I love seeing your work and I'm glad you are sharing your talent.